How to open Prowler Stashes in Spider-Man 2

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The Prowler, aka Miles Morales’ uncle, has hung up his hood and retired from his life of crime by the time Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Even so, after a talk with Miles, it is revealed that he left quite a few stashes of materials around the city that, since he is under house arrest, he can’t access anymore. Rather than let them go to waste, you’re sent out to collect these little resource caches to use for yourself. These are an easy way to earn yourself some Rare Tech Parts, but the Prowler didn’t just leave them out in the open. Here is a breakdown of how you can access Prowler Stashes in Spider-Man 2.

How to open Prowler Stashes

A mini-game to open a prowler stash.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you get into the area where a Prowler Stash is, the hunt begins. The first step is locating the stash, which is camouflaged, so you need to use your mask to track it down. By holding down L2, you can scan the area and follow the sounds until you narrow down the correct spot. You have to aim at the right spot and be close enough to reveal it.

From there, you need to reveal the hidden area by opening up a secret area with your webs. Depending on how the door opens, you need to position yourself either to the side or above it to attach your webs to pull it open. Unlike normal yanking doors, these require you to hold both L2 and R2 at different pressures against the resisting triggers to keep them within the yellow zones of the bars on the screen. Once both are in position, you have to hold them there for a couple of seconds before you finally swing it open. This usually has to be done one more time to open a second door, but the method is exactly the same.

Once all the doors are open, you can stroll in and collect your loot to unlock some sweet upgrades.

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