These are the best AirPods you can buy — and they’re on sale ahead of Black Friday

If you don’t know what to get the iPhone owner in your life, might we suggest a pair of AirPods? But not just any pair, mind you. Not all AirPods are made equal, and if you’re looking for an early Black Friday deal for the music lover in your life, you should get them the best of the best. That is, the AirPods Pro (second generation), which are on sale right now at Walmart for $50 off, with more discounts on the way.

The AirPods Pro (second generation) tops ZDNET’s best AirPods list, and that’s for good reason. The AirPods Pro offer impressive sound quality, immersive noise cancellation, all-day comfort, and a wireless charging case. With six hours of battery life and Apple’s latest H2 chip, you’re getting the most modern tech in these Apple earbuds. 

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And, because the case can utilize wireless charging, you can plunk it down on a MagSafe charger, an Apple Watch charger, or a Qi-compatible charging mat for non-Apple tech products. Buy the second generation AirPods Pro with either the Lightning case or the USB-C case that Apple debuted earlier this year. And right now, Walmart is discounting the second generation AirPods Pro with the Lightning charging case for $199 (the original price is $249). And more discounts are on the way. On Wednesday, Nov. 22,  the price will drop to $169, so put those AirPods in your cart right now. 

ZDNET editor-in-chief Jason Hiner says the pair are the most easily recommendable of the four AirPod models. “That’s because they fit almost every type of ear, they are very comfortable to wear, and they include all of the best and latest features that Apple has to offer in headphones. Plus, they get a bonus set of new features as part of the iOS 17 update, which won’t come to any of the other AirPods,” he writes

If you’re ready to replace that old pair of wired earbuds with one of our favorite wireless earbuds, you might as well hop on this second generation AirPods Pro deal, or wait just a little bit longer to get a great price on one of the best AirPods on the market. 

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