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EMAIL 1 SENT 8.12.2019 to 500 leads

SUBJECT LINE: $1,395 in less than 3 hours…

$1,395 in less than 3 hours…

Want to make an extra $1395 tonight?  It’s not a huge amount of cash, of course.

But, it’s spendable cash, to use however you want.

And it’s easily repeatable over and over.

It might just be the key to finally achieving the success you’ve been looking for.

Click here to get a case study on exactly how I made $1,395 bucks in 2.5 hours with a simple easily recreated piece of content…

Thank me later,

EMAIL 2 SENT 8.13.2019 to 700 leads

SUBJECT LINE: As soon as you trust yourself…

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

Goethe wrote that,  and let’s face it…that makes a lot of sense.  

The problem is, it’s pretty hard to trust yourself when you are trying to do something new (like internet marketing) and you don’t even know where to start.

[Speaking of getting started I made a free video for you that shows you 3 ways to sell anything to anybody…check it out here]


What makes this whole situation even worse is that there are endless amounts of information written on the topic and everyday more is being added to the stack…pretty much all of it conflicts with each other in one way or another.

So what is a person to do with a situation like that?

Well personally I say start with this:

Step 1.  Do your best.  Acknowledge that it won’t be perfect or maybe even good but your best is good enough and recognize that your best will get better every day.

Step 2.  Commit yourself to the craft.  Making money online is a science and an artform.  It takes practice to get good at it. Practice and experience.  So make it a priority and dedicate a little bit of time to getting better at it every day.

Step 3.  Understand that to make money online you need a steady stream of targeted traffic.  By targeted I mean traffic that cares about what you are selling.

Step 4. Understand that the single most reliable and cheapest source for targeted traffic that converts highly into dollars is email.

Step 5.  Commit to becoming great at effective list building and email marketing.

Step 6.  Understand that there are many ways to be great online.  Many ways to make money and many ways to do almost everything. However you only need to master one.  Commit to your one path and let everything else fall away until you get your project to money.

That’s it.  For now.  

Over the course of the next 30 days I am going to be giving you a valuable education on the world of digital marketing.

So sit back buckle up and get ready. We are going to learn some things!  I’ll see you tomorrow…

P.S. Be sure to whitelist these emails as you do not want to miss what I will be sending you.  I promise you that.

P.S.S. Don’t forget this free video.  It might just change your life!

EMAIL 3 SENT 8.14.2019 to 900 leads

SUBJECT LINE: 5 Lessons I Learned From Email Marketing…

5 Lessons I Learned From Email Marketing…

Look, there are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website or offer.  None of them are cheaper or more effective than email.  That’s the bottom line.

This is the most efficient, cheapest, and most effective form of advertising on the internet…and probably the world period.

That being said here are 5 things I have learned from email marketing over the past few years that will help you absolutely, positively, crush it:

  1. GET TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER – Don’t bother with names and quant “personalized” introductions.  You’re not fooling anyone.  Everybody gets that you sent that email out to a bunch of people.  Instead get right into the content of what you are going to say. This works much better and makes you come across as less spammy.
  1. BUTTONS – Using buttons in your emails will increase click through rates.  Using button colors red and black are the most effective.
  2. FONT SIZE – Use a nice big font for your emails.  Size 18 to 20 are extremely effective for me currently and produce a nice big email for people to read without straining their eyes.  YOu have to remember more and more people are reading their email on mobile devices.
  3. HIT THEM IN THE MOUTH – Use your subject line to “hit them in the mouth” then use the content in your email to explain why you did it.  What I mean by that is you have to get their attention. 

And then once you have their attention you have to make them glad they took notice.  So take care with your subject lines to make sure they create impact.  The name of the game is impact. 

What works really well is the insinuation of education or the insinuation of something negative.

  1. REPEAT SUBJECT LINE – It is worth noting that click through rates test much higher on emails that repeat the subject line with the first line in their email.  This works really well because it keeps the content of your email very congruent with “the reason” they opened it in the first place.

That’s 5 great ones and that is where I’ll end it today.

Oh and by the way, if you are serious about getting good at email marketing, you owe it to yourself to check out my Thousand Dollar Email report.  I literally earned 1,395 bucks in 2.5 hours.  I show you how to do the same thing…check it out pronto!


Hope this has been helpful to you and I’ll see you in the next one with more great insight on the power of email as we continue our email marketing series!

Your friend and fellow online entreprenuer, 


EMAIL 4 sent 8.17.2019 at around 11:40 pm eastern to 1500 leads

SUBJECT: Entrepreneurs: Are You Feeling Broke?

Entrepreneurs: Are You Feeling Broke?

If so you need to listen up.  Let’s do this in 3 points.

Point One – The key to making sustainable income online is audience building.  I mean that.  You need to start building a group of people around you who give a care about what you have to say.

Point Two – Now the core of that audience is the email list.  So as you are building your audience you need to be putting them on an email list.

[By the way one, of the fastest easiest list building tactics that I have seen recently is this little secret weapon…]

Point Three – The fuel that makes the entire internet go is content.  So if you want to build an audience and then put them on an email list, you need to get good at consistently putting out good content.  

Great.  So how do you come up with great content right?

Well let me give you a simple formula that has served me well time and again.

Entertainment value + actionable content = great content that builds audience and produces sales.

So let’s break this formula down.

Entertainment value – this generally can come in the from of some kind of story.  It doesn’t have to be a crazy long story and it doesn’t have to be personal.  It could be as simple as an inspirational quote and a little background about the person who said it.  

The goal with the story is to entertain and to segue into the “actionable content.”

  1. Actionable Content – this generally will come in the form of a “step 1 do this, step 2 do that, step 3 do the other thing” type form OR it can come in the form of a lesson or takeaway that you give your audience.  Something that you took away from the story you just told them.  Like a “moral to the story” kind of situation.

That’s it.  That’s the whole formula.  

If you can put those 2 things into every piece of content that you put out there then it becomes very easy to put pitches and offers into the content and you will see far more success.

And that brings us to the end of another email.

I hope you got value out of this and I will see you in the next one!


P.S. IN the next email we’ll be continuing our journey down email marketing alley because this subject is vital and I have a lot more to talk about!

P.S.S. I have built a lot of email lists in my time and I really haven’t seen any easier way to build an effective list than this.  Do check it out…

EMAIL 5 sent 8.18.2019 at around 11:40 pm eastern to 1700 leads

SUBJECT: A valuable no cost resource…

A valuable no cost resource…

I hope you have been enjoying the content so far in these emails.  I really take a lot of pride in providing valuable insights and strategies to you right here in the good ol’ email directly.

Why overcomplicate things, that’s my motto.  Keep it simple.

That being said I’d like to point you in the direction of a really valuable resource that I know will push you that much closer towards your goal of success.  It’s my own personal youtube channel that now has over 500 videos to help you succeed in online business.  I like to put out a new video at least once a week so be sure to check that out…


Enjoy the free resource and be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you though.

Before I get out of here today I do want to say something else.  I get asked lots of questions about online marketing.  The number one thing I get asked all the time is…

What’s the best way for me to get started making money online the fastest Kam?

And to that I always answer the same way.  Focus on building your email list.  It’s the true core of ANY online business.

Now if you want a great and easy way to get started building an email list fast…check out this little secret weapon…

That’s it for today!  In the next email I am going to have a really important question to ask you…but I’ll leave it at that for now…

EMAIL 6 sent 8.19.2019 at around 11:30 pm eastern to 1900 leads

SUBJECT LINE: QUIZ: Which Entrepreneur Are You?

QUIZ: Which Entrepreneur Are You?

Okay I have an important question for you that’s going to shape the kind of content that I send you in the future.  I want to make sure I am creating content that best helps you and moves you forward!

The question?

Which Entrepreneur Are you?

1 – I am a complete newbie and have never made any money online.  I don’t even know where to begin but I’m driven to succeed!

2 – I have made a little money online but have had no real sustainable online success and have not been able to do this full time.

3 – I have an online business that is making money but I’d like to be making much more and can’t seem to get over that next hurdle.

4 – I am making great money online and am just looking for a few strategies here and a few golden nuggets there to constantly improve myself and my business.

So that’s it.  Just reply to this email at my personal support email [email protected] with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 and I will tally them up.

Now it is very important that you reply to [email protected] because if you try to reply to the email you are receiving this from, I probably will not get it and I am really interested in what you have to say.

Thank you so much for helping me.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maximum respect!

P.S. Be sure to reply to this email at [email protected] and let me know which kind of entrepreneur you are.  If you don’t see yourself on that list, PLEASE respond to this email and let me know what kind of entrepreneur I forgot to add.

EMAIL 7 SENT 8.21.2019 to 2300 leads (sent at approx 12:10 am eastern)

SUBJECT LINE: I know a guy…

I know a guy…

…who had trouble making friends at school. And this is a problem that he had for a long while. One day he got a really good piece of advice from someone though.

“If you want a friend, be a friend.” 

And he says even though he didn’t appreciate it at the time, that’s probably the best advice he’d ever gotten. 

He finished school with very few friends and proceeded to blame the world and everything outside of his control for poor luck with women and people in general.

Many years later he read a book by Dale Carnegie called How to Win Friends…blah blah blah…you know the book.

In that book, Carnegie says, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

And then the advice that he had received all those years earlier came zooming into focus and clicked. Funny how that works.

If you want a friend, be a friend.

It made a really big difference for him. 

Acquiring leads for your business is important.  Your warm email list is the core of your buying audience.

The best way to put genuine people on that list and keep them there is by being a genuine friend to others.

Online that means trying to be useful to the people you are trying to serve, and also being useful to your peers who you are trying to network with.

As this week goes on I am going to be giving you several strategies for lead acquisition.  At the heart of making them all successful though is that one simple rule:

If you want a friend.  Be a friend.

By the way, if you want a great place to get started building your list fast, you owe it to yourself to check out Jim Harmon secret  here…it’s pretty much the fastest way I know how to build a list.

That’s all I got for today.  I’ll see you in the next one where we are going to be continuing our series on getting more leads

P.S. Be sure to check out My Lead Gen Secret…it’s legit.  I’ve been testing it for weeks now and it’s been pretty amazing.


EMAIL 8 sent 8.23.2019 at around 2:34 pm eastern to 2700 leads

SUBJECT: 7 Secrets from the Experts Of List Building…

7 Secrets from the Experts of List Building…

Starts now:

Secret 1: THE BONUS – Did you know that a great way to build a list if you do affiliate marketing is to ask for a bonus spot on the product download page?  Essentially you will give the product vendor a link to an opt-in form that will give the buyer access to your thing.  The beauty here is that these are straight buyers leads and extremely responsive.

By the way, one of my favorite experts on the subject of list building is a guy I know named Brendan Mace, who used to be a school teacher but turned Internet Marketer.  He’s got a great award winning course that he set to free for a limited time…you can check that out here…

…but anyways…

Secret 2: GIVEAWAYS – YOu can put thousands of targeted people on an email list by running a giveaway.  The key here is to give away something with a high perceived value.  Gift cards, physical products, and coaching or consulting are all good choices.

Secret 3: CONTENT UPGRADES – Another effective way of putting more targeted people on your list is by taking your simple list style blog posts and extending them in exchange for an email.  So, for example, if you have 5 great traffic sources in your blog article, then do 5 more and ask them if they’d like to see 5 more great sources?  Just opt in here.  Content upgrades work great.  

Secret 4: PRODUCT LAUNCHING – This is an extremely effective way to put responsive buyer leads on your list.  There is a learning curve to doing it right, but mastering the art of digital product launching is worth your time for getting some of the highest quality leads you can get.  The key here is to consistently put out great paid content.  Create, Package, Release!

Secret 5: LIGHT BOX – YOu know that annoying pop up that bothers you when you are trying to read blog articles?  Well that is a really effective way to put people on your list.  More effective than any sidebar opt-in or ribbon opt-in.  The pop up is engaging and impossible to ignore.  The trick here is to have it appear as much as possible until they opt in.  Exposure is key.  Don’t worry about it seeming annoying.  As a general rule people need to be exposed to something 7 times before they take action.  It’s just an estimate but the point is clear.  The more they see something the more they take action.  Just make sure you have a good lead magnet and you are all set.

Secret 6:  HIGH VALUE EASILY CONSUMED LEAD MAGNET – Your job of putting targeted people on your list becomes 10 times easier if they actually want to BE on your list.  That means giving them something worthy of their email.  Things like checklists and cheatsheets work great because they are easily consumable and promise to not take a lot of time to get through.  The downside is that they do not give you a lot of chance to build rapport.  You can combat this by adding a bonus link on your cheatsheet or checklist to a free video workshop or ebook, which will give you a chance to expand upon the cheatsheet but more importantly allow you to build rapport. 

 Secret 7: 2 STEP AND JUST – It’s been tested time and again and the 2 step opt-in performs much better than the 1 step opt-in.  What do I mean by that?  I mean when you are offering that free thing, just have a “download now” button.  When they click that button, then it asks them for their email.  That’s the 2 step optin.  Next is the “JUST” part.  Just ask what is absolutely necessary.  The more you ask for, the less opt-ins you will get.  In many cases you can just ask for the email.  You don’t need the name, you don’t need the cell number.  Just the email.  Remember the relationship is brand new, asking for all those things creates a higher barrier to entry.

Okay, that’s 7 and that’s where we’ll end it for today.  

Again, be sure to check out my man Brendan’s Zero Work Hours course.  It’s set to free right now, so really no reason not to check it out.  This former school teacher is the number 1 vendor on the WarriorPlus platform and is truly the real deal.

I hope this email has provided some great value to you and I’ll see you tomorrow where we will be continuing our Lead Acquisition series!

EMAIL 9 sent 8.24.2019 at around 6:15 pm eastern to 2900 leads

SUBJECT: 10 steps for Free Leads on Facebook…

10 Steps for free leads on Facebook…

Facebook is a really cool place, partly because everyone is there.  If you are trying to put a targeted group of people on your list, they are there too.

So how do you pull those people out of Facebook and put them on your list?  

First let me just say that this is a free method.  Free methods are great but they generally take a little longer.  If you want the shortcut that will cost you a small bit of money, but is definitely worth it if you need to move faster…check this out.

Now back to Facebook…

Here is one way that won’t cost you a dime:

Step 1. Create a Facebook page for your lead magnet.  Be sure to link it back to your opt-in and utilize the advertising space of your Facebook page’s cover picture to promote that lead magnet.

Step 2. Create a post on your page about your lead magnet, include a link, and pin that post to the top.

Step 3. Link your Facebook profile to your lead magnet Facebook page by changing where you work to your Facebook page.

Step 4. Next go ahead and change your Facebook profile cover picture to promote your lead magnet and your lead magnet Facebook page.

Step 5. Join about 5 to 10 Facebook groups that are related to your niche and have at least 1,000 members.  Make sure these groups are active.

Step 6. Dedicate 5 minutes a day to each of these groups.  Just be a part of the group.  Like, comment, and post niche related questions and content in the group.

Step 7. ANy positive interaction with other people in the group (i.e. liking your posts, commenting on your posts, you liking someone elses post) then friend request that person.  Friend request 5 to 10 people a day.  No more than that.

Step 8.  Do simple Facebook livestreams a few times a week, or if you don’t want to do that, post content on your profile a few times a week.  Make sure this content has entertainment value, actionable content and pitchers your lead magnet.

Step 9.  Once a week, invite all your friends to like your lead magnet Facebook page.

Step 10.  Periodically create a Facebook event for your lead magnet and invite all your Facebook friends to attend.  Be sure to include the link to your lead magnet opt-in page.

That’s it.  This little system will get targeted people on your friends list, they will in turn see your live streams and/or content, and then in turn join your email list.  It works great.

Go forth and crush it!

Again, I know that some of you cannot afford to take a long time to build things up.  So if that’s you…be sure to check out Jim Harmon’s program if you need things to move faster.

That’s it for today.  Be sure to take action on these strategies and tactics we are talking about.  The best laid plans fall to nothing if no action is taken.

I’ll see you in the next one!

EMAIL 10 sent 8.25.2019 at around 6:15 pm eastern to 3100 leads

SUBJECT: List building on steroids…

List building on steroids…

I hope you have been enjoying our series on list building this week.  Today instead of keeping the content right here in email, I wanted to show you another really cool free resource when it comes to building your email list.

This is great stuff so be sure to take notes and take action!

>>>Epic Conversions List Building Primer<<< 

Hope you enjoy it!

I have a very important question for you tomorrow, but for now…

…that’s all I’ve got!  

EMAIL 11 sent 8.26.2019 at around 6:39 pm eastern to 3300 leads

SUBJECT: A question for you…

A question for you…

…so this week we have been talking a lot about the power of list building and exploring various tactics for building a healthy email list.

What do you think the hardest part about building an email list is?

Respond to this email at my personal support email ([email protected]) and let me know.  

Answering these kind of questions really helps me provide you with the best possible content to help you achieve success!

I look forward to hearing from you!  And thanks again!

P.S. Be sure to reply to my personal support email [email protected] and not the one you are receiving this email from, as it is automated and I might not get it.


EMAIL 12 sent 8.29.2019 at around 11:40 am eastern to 3900 leads

SUBJECT: This is pretty much a deal breaker…

This is pretty much a deal breaker…

You know, if there is one thing I have figured out from doing affiliate marketing over the past few years it’s that there are a few words that are absolute deal breakers.

I mean…

…when people hear them, they just kind of go…no thanks.  It’s like taking a combination of fear and boredom and dread, mixing them into a shot glass and offering them the ol’ “bottoms up buddy!” 

I know.  It’s a hell of an image.  Let that sink in.

One such word that I’d like to share with you now is…wait for it…


When I mention anything that has to do with youtube, people just head for the hills.

Nobody wants to buy it, nobody wants to hear about it, and nobody wants to talk about it.

And this is the kind of thing that makes my job hard sometimes.

Youtube is like the really good medicine that will cure your illness, but it tastes so bad, you want nothing to do with it.

Youtube feels like way too much work, way to much to learn, and way too long to see results…

…unless it’s not.

I want to talk to you about a product called iPassive.  And over the course of the next 8 emails I am going to be really honest and straightforward with you about this product, and about youtube period.

[By the way, as a bonus when you pick up iPassive through my link you will get this entire 8 email affiliate campaign with PLR rights]


It’s interesting because when you go to the sales page of iPassive, one thing you will notice is that it does not mention the word “youtube” at all.  But I have a “no blind sales page” policy.  

We don’t do the “just guess what it’s about and hope for the best” thing around here.

iPassive is about how Mark took his youtube channel to over 47,000 subscribers and 10k a month in about a year.  He did it by consistently making a very strategic type of video over and over…

It’s something that you can easily replicate.  He calls it his PVF (Perfect Video Formula) and it’s something that you can do without even appearing on camera…

…but that’s enough for now.  

This has been a long email and I have way too much cool stuff to lay on you in just one email.  I’ll get back to you in a bit with part 2 of 8 in this series on Youtube and iPassive.

P.S. This is 1 of 8 emails being sent out on iPassive.  When you purchase this product through my link, as a bonus you will be given this entire affiliate campaign with PLR rights!

EMAIL 13 sent 8.30.2019 at around 10:30 am eastern to 4100 leads

SUBJECT: Would 10gr a month change anything for you?

Would 10 grand a month change anything for you?

Some of you it might not…

…but if you are out there and 10 grand a month would change your life…

…I strongly urge you to read this email.

Imagine for a moment that you have a simple system.  You rinse and repeat it a few days a week.  Brain dead simple and proven.  

And sales…

…they just come in like clockwork, every. single. day.

You can move wherever you want…live wherever you want…and do whatever you want.

Total freedom and with that…time.  

Time to spend with the ones you love.  Time for birthday parties, for traveling, for late night movie watching…

…more time for your friends.

All granted by a simple system.  Easy to implement and proven to work.

What would that be like?

If you are thinking that would be amazing…then you are in the right place.

But your not there yet.  Your reading this email because something is holding you back.  Something is keeping you from success.

What if you had the simple system that I am talking about right now to bridge that gap between where you are and where you want to be?

How great would that be?

Mark Furniss is a normal guy who has created such a system.  It is a system that is designed to be easy and powerful.  He has used it to take himself to over 10k a month and now he wants to share it…

You owe it to yourself to check this out.

In my next email I want to tell you more about Mark and what he’s doing but for now I’ll end this here.  Be safe out there and keep crushing it!

P.S. This is 2 of 8 emails being sent out on iPassive.  When you purchase this product through my link, as a bonus you will be given this entire affiliate campaign with PLR rights!

EMAIL 14 sent 8.31.2019 at around 10:30 pm eastern to 4300 leads

SUBJECT: Mark Furniss was not good…

Mark Furniss was not good…

Let me start that again.  Mark Furniss is a good guy.  He’s a normal guy.  A very unassuming guy.  He’s not charismatic, exciting to watch, or exceptionally good looking…

He’s one of us.  And you know what?

If you would have saw his youtube videos about a year ago you would have said the same thing.

He had about 50 subscribers and was going nowhere fast…

…but then he met Andy Hafell.  Andy was a guy who had over 150k subscribers on youtube and was making a TON of money with affiliate marketing and ad sense.

Andy mentored Mark and flash forward a year later…now Mark has over 46k subscribers on youtube and is making over 10k a month through affiliate marketing and ad sense.

What a difference 12 months can make.  Too bad we can’t all afford a fancy pants big shot youtube super affiliate to teach us all the secrets…

…or can we?

Mark and Andy teamed up to teach you just that.  All the secrets.  Mark wanted to teach people how he did it.  And it’s not going to cost you anywhere near what a big fancy coach would charge you…

…the best part about this simple system they have created…well a few things really…

…first, it doesn’t take very long to do.

Second, it’s all free tactics…

…and third, what I really like is that even though it’s youtube, you can do it without even being on camera!

How cool is that?  Awesome!

Anyways, iPassive is the story of how one normal guy named Mark Furniss created a full time passive income for himself to the tune of over 10k a month with a brain dead simple system…

…that he is now willing to teach you.

[By the way, when you pick up iPassive through me, you will be getting instant access to this 8 email affiliate campaign that you are reading right now with full PLR license]

If you have tried youtube before and it didn’t work or if you were scared to be on camera or too short on time to get into it…

…this is your chance.  A proven system by 2 men who know exactly what they are doing that can take you to over 10k a month.

Real deal.

Don’t delay on this one.  Money loves speed and hates indecisiveness.

P.S. This is 3 of 8 emails being sent out on iPassive.  When you purchase this product through my link, as a bonus you will be given this entire affiliate campaign with PLR rights!


EMAIL 15 Sent to 7100 Leads on 09.14.2019

SUBJECT LINE: He lost everything in a fire…

He lost everything in a fire…

A man named John woke from a deep sleep about 10 months ago to find that his house was surrounded by wildfire.  If he would have have slept just an hour more…he probably wouldn’t have made it.

Quickly, he jumped into action, gathered up his cats, a few personal belongings, the family hedgehog, and sped away through the smoky malibu hills which were now on fire in a burning rage.   He sat in a parking lot trying to figure out what had just happened.

Who the heck is John and what the hell does it have to do with YOU or making money on the internet?

That’s a great question.

I’m talking about John Crestani, internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing, growth hacker, paid advertising, and youtuber.  If that doesn’t make our fire victim sound impressive let me add a little to that…

…he’s been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and countless other publications.  But long story short…

...John Crestani is a super affiliate.  He makes millions of dollars on the internet.

The reason I wanted to tell you about his little run in with the fire, is because I want you to know that bad things happen to everyone.  Not just you, not just me. They also happen to the guy who lives in the best neighborhood, driving the 200k dream car.

I think the difference is how people handle that adversity.  It’s tough out there. We can all agree on that. 10 months ago John had a brush with death and everything got reeled into perspective for him.

One little detail about that story that I found really interesting though was the fact that the same day all that happened, John went out and spent $550 on a new wardrobe, because his just burnt up in a fire.

I was wondering, how many people could afford to just do that.  How many people out there are living paycheck to paycheck and might not even have the extra money to just replace their clothes like that?

Probably a lot.  Here’s the good news.

John Crestani is a super affiliate, but he is also a teacher.  He put out, what I consider to be the definitive course on affiliate marketing with paid advertising.   But forget that course for just a minute.

John is a real guy, with real problems, but he also knows how to handle those problems, overcome adversity, and continue to make money online and find success.  Heck, John was literally making money while his house was burning down in a wildfire.

What would it be worth to you to learn how to do what John does?  Would $10,000 a day change your life? What about $20k? If the answer is yes then you owe it to yourself to hear what our man, John Crestani has to say…

>>>Click here to Watch John’s free video<<<

We’ll get into more on this important subject tomorrow, but for now enjoy the free video and have an awesome day!

Email 16 Sent to 7300 Leads on 09.15.2019

SUBJECT LINE: Mormon pastor earns 1.4 million bucks with 3 Step System…

Mormon pastor earns $1.4M with 3 Step System…

So yesterday I was talking with you about John Crestani, who miraculously survived a wildfire which completely destroyed his house and everything in it.  He barely escaped with his life.

The cool thing about John is that he always lands on his feet.  His simple 3 step system can get you landing on your feet as well.

John has generated over $1,500,000+ in the last 5 months WITHOUT having his own product. I’m sure you’d agree that this is a big feat!

Well, what if I told you that he taught his 3-Step “No Product Funnel” to a Mormon pastor living in Brazil….

… and that pastor went on to generate over $1.4M in the last 24 months!

This is all possible with John Crestani’s “People, Place, Product” system. I was so impressed that I’ve asked him to share his system with you…

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Now, John’s system leverages affiliate marketing, yes…

But, it’s unlike most affiliate marketing systems that you’ve seen out there.

What John does is leverage FREE ad credits that are hiding from most people to start (you just need to know where to find them).

With these free ad credits, he’s able to promote extremely unique products, and turn $100 into $300, and more. In fact, one student spent $547 and made back $4,600. Another spent $1,200 and made back $3,200.

He even puts on a LIVE sales demo during this presentation where he’ll attempt to make at least $500.00 in profits in real-time.

John and his students do this daily with a close-to-automated, 3-step system that is easy for anyone to get started with. On the workshop, John will reveal exactly how this is done.

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You can follow these steps to begin earning your first $1,000 online this week (or sooner), so you don’t want to miss it.

See you there,

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SUBJECT LINE: The best easiest business on the planet…

The best easiest business on the planet…

What am I talking about?  I’m talking about affiliate marketing.

Why is it the best and easiest?

I’ll tell you exactly why.

  • You don’t have to have a product.
  • You don’t have to be tech saavy.
  • You don’t have to deal with a bunch of customer support.
  • Also, it’s really cheap (in many cases free) to get started.

Seriously, this is probably the cheapest business model on the planet and the ROI (return on investment) can be staggering!

Heck, I know people out there doing affiliate marketing who don’t even have a website.  They started out with a simple youtube channel or free blog.

But let’s put that aside for a minute.  Let’s think about what I am really telling you here.

Imagine if you knew the way to make money online that would allow you to not have to talk to a single person, not have to report to anyone or punch any kind of time clock.

Imagine if you had unlimited time to do what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it.

I’m talking about making your OWN rules in life.  

I’m talking about for every dollar you put in, you get 2 back.  Would that be interesting to you?

I just ask, because that is exactly the kind of life that a successful affiliate marketing business can bring you.

  • No hassles.
  • No worries about bills (they are easily paid).
  • No time obligations to a job you hate.
  • No more worrying about putting in for vacation time( you can go whenever you want and STILL be making money)

If you are out there right now and all that sounds good to you?  If you want to achieve results like that quickly? You owe it to yourself to hear what my man, John Crestani, has to say about it.

He’s a real super affiliate.  He’s got a free video. He can teach you to do the same thing…

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That’s all I got!  Enjoy the video. John really is the truth.

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SUBJECT LINE:  Chapter 1: How to really get started…

Chapter 1: How to really get started…

So let’s say you are brand new and are trying to get started making money online.

I’ve already told you affiliate marketing is a great (and cheap) way to get started.  But now you might be wondering, “how do I get started with affiliate marketing?”

I’ll tell you.  But first I want you to sit back…buckle up…because I am about to bring that real value right here in this good old fashioned email!

So buckle up buttercup…let’s do this!

Affiliate marketing is easy, yes…BUT…

There is competition out there.  You knew there would be. Whenever you have something that is not too hard, and way better than the normal 9 to 5 job…people are going to be interested.

So how can you beat that competition?  How can you see success when so many people are doing it?


Inch wide, mile deep.  What do I mean by that?

I mean you pick a niche.  Then you drill it down to a sub niche.  So not just internet marketing. Not just email marketing.  What if you went even more specific and said….”email marketing on aweber.”

So now you have committed to only putting content out there that helps people succeed with email marketing on aweber.

Whats going to happen is very quickly you are going to become the go to expert on this one very specific topic, because nobody else is drilling down that much.

What you have done is effectively eliminate your competition.

You might think, well how many videos or articles can I possibly make about email marketing on aweber.

Well…I will tell you…alot.  When I go over to answerthepublic(dot)com and type in “aweber” I pull back hundreds of questions and topics people are typing in trying to figure things out.

So yeah…that’s inch wide, mile deep.  I once created a youtube channel about this blender called the Nutribullet.  So that was the health niche, but I didn’t just focus on all things health, I didn’t just drill down to weight loss or healthy eating, I drilled all the way down to this one specific blender, the nutribullet.

I called my youtube channel, “nutribullettime” and I drove that channel to almost 10k subscribers.  This stuff works. Inch wide and a mile deep.

Now…I make it sound easy right?  Like you are going to just go out there and do “inch wide, mile deep” and you are going to experience insane success, just like that!

We know it’s not like that though right?  There will be adversity.

I’ve been talking to you about John Crestani’s awesome story the last few days and you should definitely check him out because he’s the real deal…

…but remember when I told you how he lost everything in a wildfire?

Totally true.  It was only 10 months ago and his family is still recovering from the loss.

You know what’s really crazy about that though?  Actually it’s not even that crazy…I bet many of you can relate to this.  I know I can.

His insurance company hasn’t even paid for a dime of anything from that fire.

It kind of left him wondering why he was even paying all that insurance in the first place if they weren’t going to help him when these kinds of things happened.

He’s had to pay for all living expenses and everything else out of pocket.

I guess it’s a good thing  he was making money the whole time that insanity was happening.

I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a boss to report to on monday.

John makes his own rules.  He was pointing out 3 weeks after that fire that while surveying his property, he noticed new growth of plantlife on the land.  He thinks in time the land will look great again.

I have to shake my head because John is a true optimist.  Think about that. Many people would be devastated after losing all their personal possessions and their dream home in a wildfire.

Not John.  He just keeps right on trucking.  I wonder if that is part of why he is so successful.

Many of us experience adversity in life.  Life is going to throw it at us right?

We can all take a page out of the John Crestani book of how to deal with life…

…but more importantly…this man can teach you how to take 1 dollar and turn it into 2 dollars without having to talk to people, without having to make a bunch of videos, and without having to spend all your time doing it.

>>>You owe it to yourself to learn more about what John is doing.  Click here to check it out<<<

That’s all I got for today!  Be safe out there and have a great one!