Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Tip #1: What Makes a Good Product to Promote?

Determining the relevance of a product to your audience is the first and foremost consideration.

It is crucial to assess whether your audience actually needs the product and whether they desire it. These two factors may not align perfectly.

For instance, if your audience is involved in the dog niche, they may not necessarily require another dog lead, but they may be intrigued by the innovative self-walking dog lead that you have come across.

If this product surpasses their current option and you can highlight the tangible benefits it offers, you have the potential to generate sales.

Additionally, it is important to evaluate the credibility of the individuals or company behind the product. Are they trustworthy?

Do they provide satisfactory customer support?

Only after addressing these aspects should you consider the potential benefits you might gain from promoting the product.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned tips are specifically applicable to individuals who already possess an established audience.

However, if you are solely driving traffic through advertisements, you should also take these factors into account.

Nevertheless, in such cases, factors such as conversion rates and commission rates become more pivotal considerations.

Tip #2: List, List. List!

When it comes to driving ad traffic, I always recommend starting with a bridge page or a squeeze page.

This page should offer a valuable freebie that entices to provide their email address.

Even though you’re in affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to create freebie that effectively promotes the product you want them to purchase, including affiliate links.

The page should also feature advertisements for the product you’re promoting.

By capturing leads and adding them to your email list, you increase your chances of making a sale.

Additionally, having subscribers opens up opportunities to showcase other products in the future.

Furthermore, implementing an email campaign can also drive sales (refer to tip #5).

Tip #3: Get the Most out of Product Vendors

One angle that don’t get mentioned often is the importance of finding vendors who offer tools to assist affiliates in generating sales.

These tools can include pre-written email campaigns that can be personalized, teaser videos, demo or walkthrough videos, PDF reports, or other enticing resources to attract leads.

As an added bonus, it would be nice to provide affiliates with a fully prepared affiliate list building funnel, which they can access at no cost.

This valuable tool not only helps them build their own lists but also allows them to make sales while promoting other products in the future.

The key takeaway here is that utilizing ready-made resources can save a significant amount of time and effort, benefiting those who have something readily available for use.

Tip #4: Creating an Evergreen Demo

Promoting a software product and creating own product at the same time can be a fantastic to generate affiliate sales

To do this, it’s important to find a software product that has lasting appeal can be used to something valuable.

This will then serve as a product, either offered for free or sold, with the aim of driving sales for the software you used to do it.

In the past, Vidnami was a prime example of this strategy, although there are still similar video makers available for use.

One approach is to develop a series of videos focused on a specific niche.

From there, you have several options: you can offer these videos as a lead magnet to attract potential customers, sell them as private label rights (PLR) videos, or incorporate them into a course that you have created using the software.

The key is to emphasize that these videos were effortlessly produced using the remarkable software, taking only about five minutes each.

Once they are ready, you can share them and include your affiliate link for interested viewers to explore further.

There are countless types of software that can be promoted in this manner, such as AI writers, keyword analysis tools, etc.

Tip #5: Use Campaigns

It is a good plan to create an email campaign that is at least 6 emails long that approach a product that you are promoting from different sales angles.

Let’s take a video creation tool as an example.

Here are some angles for emails I would include in a campaign

i) Make videos for social media traffic and ads
ii) Make videos of your blog posts to make a YouTube channel
iii) Make product review videos
iv) Make videos to sell as PLR packs (make products to sell)
v) Make sales videos that look stunning on sales pages
vi) Make money by creating videos for others on Fiverr

I would first say why each of those is a good idea.

Then bemoan the fact that they are difficult to make or they would cost too much to outsource and then suggest the software as the solution.

In addition to those angles, you could also send out a Q&A email – “Your Questions About _____ Answered!”

Tip #6: Weekly Round Up Email

Apart from regular campaigns, it can be beneficial to send out a unique email once a week, sharing helpful tips, opinions, and things experienced or found valuable.

Towards the end of the email, I include a section for “last week’s round up” and a teaser for what’s coming up next.

This is a great opportunity to include any affiliate links related to products or services I have promoted during the week and generate excitement for future offerings.

While it’s important to create your own distinct format and avoid copying my copyrighted name and template, you can certainly come up with a simpler version that suits your needs.

Writing this email can sometimes be a challenge, especially if I had a few drinks the night before, but it’s worth it to provide valuable content to my subscribers.

Tip #7: Offering Bonuses

In some cases, especially when competing with other affiliates, it would be beneficial to enhance the offer by including additional bonuses.

While some marketers simply offer PLR products in the same niche, the most effective results come from offering unique bonuses.

Some affiliates, for example, go to great lengths to create compelling bonuses that can even be sold as standalone products after the promotion ends.

However, this requires a significant amount of effort. Alternatively, you can create bonuses from scratch. Let me provide you with a few examples.

One approach is to search for relevant WordPress plugins in the plugin repository that can assist users in achieving the same goals as the product being promoted.

You can download these plugins and include them in the bonus package by compressing them into a zip file.

Alternatively, you can directly link to the plugins from a dedicated bonus delivery page. This method is not only effective but also takes no more than five minutes.

Another instant bonus idea is to offer a month’s worth of coaching related to the product’s theme.

The easiest way to deliver this coaching is by creating a dedicated email address for the month and providing guidance through email correspondence.

If you have your own products available for sale, you could also consider including one of them as a bonus.

The key is to differentiate yourself from the competition.

During a launch, potential buyers often search for the most enticing bonuses, sometimes even purchasing the same product multiple times through different affiliate links to acquire all the bonuses available.

Tip #8: Doing Product Reviews

I always think that the best product reviews are done by people who has actually had access to the product.

I like to do “sneak peek” videos showing the members area and what you get with a product. Even do a short demo if the product is software.

Sometimes, a vendor will create a video like this for affiliate to use – showing inside the members area – and before now, rather than duplicate it, I have downloaded it, chucked it into Camtasia and made a short intro video “handing over” to the vendor for the demo and then made a call to action video for the end.

It is best to be honest in your reviews. If there is something you don’t like, say so (but then pass it off as something that doesn’t really matter).

A review video at the top of a bonus page works very well. They see a pre-sell of the product, your bonuses and a great big button with your affiliate link behind it.

Try to structure your review videos the same way each time so viewers know what to expect when they see a new one. Add some entertainment in there too if you can.

People buy more when they are smiling than when they are frowning.

When I was promoting more launch products, I used to do a live webinar 1 hour before the cart opened called “[product name] Hit Or Shit?”

At the end of the video (or when the product went live) I made the buy button appear in the sidebar.

That video recording of the webinar then served as an evergreen review video for the people who were not on the webinar.

It was doing review videos using the DIAL method (see Product Creation sheet).

Tip #9: Keep an Evergreen Resource Doc

In the past, I would frequently receive inquiries comparing Aweber and Getresponse or Easy Webinar and Demio.

To address these questions more efficiently, I created a timeless document titled “My Tools and Resources.”

This document serves as a convenient reference point for me to direct people to, and it is prominently featured in most of my member areas.

Google Docs became my platform of choice for this purpose due to its user-friendly editing capabilities in real-time.

Additionally, when individuals access the document, it automatically saves to their Google Drive for easy retrieval.

It is important to periodically review and verify that all the links are functional, as well as make adjustments if I come across superior products to endorse.

Feel free to take a look at my own “My Tools and Resources” document for reference.

Tip #10: Rank Your Review Video on YouTube

Why limit your review video to just your bonus/review page when you can also tap into free traffic from YouTube and Google?

One strategy is to upload your review on YouTube a few days to the product launch. This not only generates but also allows YouTube to rank your video.

If you struggle with video ranking, consider investing in a reputable course that teaches effective techniques.

For those about excelling on YouTube, I recommend checking out Tube Hero Ultimate. You can find more information about it HERE.

Also, use a tracking link to either your bonus page or to the offer so you can see the stats and also you can swap out the link if you ever need to.