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How to Become Internet Famous as an Internet Marketer

Being an internet marketer is an incredibly rewarding way to make money from your own smarts and creativity and the reward for that initiative is greater freedom and sense of personal accomplishment.
But at times, it can also feel like a somewhat thankless job.

After all, when you are an affiliate as an internet marketer, your job essentially revolved around helping to promote other people’s businesses.

This means you’ll be promoting people who know less about internet marketing than you, all while remaining quietly in the background.
What if you’d like to try out some of that ‘glory’? What if you’d like to be recognized for your hard work and skill?

In that case, you could always try turning your internet marketing business around and using it to promote yourself as well!

Creating a Personal Brand

A good place to start is by creating a ‘personal brand’. A personal brand is a brand that puts you front and center.

A good example of this is Pat Flynn, who owns ‘Smart Passive Income’.

While his website doesn’t feature his name, it is nevertheless a prominent feature right next to the logo, as is his own face and voice.
Pat will often talk about himself and this is part of what helps him to promote the site.

People feel as though they can trust him because they feel as though they know him a little bit. He is literally a friendly face.
On top of this, Pat’s exposure makes him something of an internet celebrity.

He is invited to give talks at prestigious events, he gets lots of fan mail and he is very much in the public eye.
While there are many different definitions for what makes someone ‘successful’, these are yardsticks that many of us use and thus I imagine that Pat goes to bed at night feeling rather proud of himself.
Consider setting up a similar scenario for yourself!

How to Grow Your Blog

To do this then, you need to look at ways to grow your channel while keeping that personal nature at the forefront. One way to do this, is to create a YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel is a great way to talk directly to an audience and to feel as though they know you.

Likewise, it will give you huge exposure – greater exposure than you would even get from daytime TV.
Meanwhile, use your own internet marketing skill to get your blog to the top of Google, while positioning yourself as an expert in your niche and an authority.

Another tip is to make sure that you are living the lifestyle that you promote – a disconnect will prevent this from working.
Don’t become a fitness blogger then unless you really do love fitness.

That way, you can become the ‘face’ of your blog and people will soon start to seek you out for your opinion.

This way, you can gain some modicum of internet fame and when that happens, you’ll find that countless new opportunities emerge.